BY Sangeeta 4th June 2019

Owning your own house is a dream, but one that is difficult to realise. Even if you are able to buy a house, it is difficult to find the perfect one for you without too many complications but yet within your budget. Hero Homes Ludhiana holds the potential to provide you with your dream abode that is tailored to suit every need.


How to plan your finances to buy a house in 2018

BY Sangeeta 9th February 2018

Buying a house of their own is an important goal for most of middle-class working professionals in India. Unlike the previous generations who inherited houses made by their parents or would buy/construct their homes with their retirement funds.


Challenges faced under-Housing for All Mission

BY Sangeeta 11th October 2017

The Government’s determination to fulfill its vision of putting a roof over the head of every Indian citizen with its flagshipscheme- PradhanMantriAwasYojana (PMAY) -Affordable Housing for All by 2022, seems like a distant dream. Going by the current pace, the groundbreaking scheme ...


Festival season set to lead to an upsurge in real estate sales

BY Sangeeta 4th October 2017

At a time when India is gearing up for the festive season, the real estate developers are pinning hopes to boost their sales. With RBI’s repo rate cut by 25 basis points, along with the new real estate law and GST, this auspicious season is set to see an upsurge in housing purchases...


Buying an office space?

BY Sangeeta 9th JUNE 2017

When we talk about real estate we usually connect it with houses or some land space, without thinking of shops, malls, offices, and commercial buildings. In recent times office spaces have become a core activity for many real estate developers, and many are shifting towards the new emerging trends in commercial...


Declarations made by the RERA bill

BY Sangeeta 30th MAY 2017

RERA is Real Estate Regulatory Agency brought by the Parliament, designed to protect the interest of home-buyers and bring a boost to the real estate investments. Since the union budget 2017, a lot of changes have come to light in the working of the real estate sector. Some of the main points which are...


Real estate trends for 2017 under housing sector

BY Sangeeta 4th MAY 2017

The forecast of 2017 for real estate market shows a bumper year and not just for the real estate but for the overall economy as well. In the eyes of institutional investors our nation has come to the top of the list of preferred destinations for real estate investments. Most of the consumption is coming from the domestic...

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Caution yourself from these mistakes before buying home

BY Sangeeta 4th MAY 2017

Mistakes are a part of life. From day to day, or once in a while we are all prone to perform something which is not beneficial to us. Though it is well said that we learn from our mistakes, but it is best to avoid them from creating a havoc in our lives. Some are small which hardly hurt, while the big ones make us pay in such a way that we no more can say it's a learning, but definitely a loss...


Affordable Housing

BY Sangeeta 30th MARCH 2017

Home is a basic necessity for every human that exists on earth. It is a place where one lives, grows, nourishes and builds their family and dreams. Home just doesn’t provide shelter but gives a sense of security that you have a roof to yourself. It is a place or a feeling which is most comforting and hence required by everyone...


Owning a Home

BY Sangeeta 28th FEB 2017

A stay space where one lives on a day to day basis is what we call ‘Home’, which can be your own bought place or a rented apartment. Owning a home to yourself is one of the biggest financial decisions one makes in life...


Benefits of living in a gated community

BY Sangeeta 17th FEB 2017

India since freedom has come a long way and the voice of Indians has grown largely from basic Roti, Kapda, and Makan to a compassionate push to live a lavish life. Young working Indians are in no mood to compromise their dreams and certainly not the lifestyle they are working so hard for...