Building Home Spaces That Breathe

Hero Homes, welcomes the future of India to a world of wellness

BY Hero Homes 21st May 2021

Over the last couple of months, we all have surprisingly adapted to a drastically changed lifestyle, at work and home. What used to be a place to return to, after a long day spent outdoors, now serves people in multiple ways every day. Our homes are now an office, school, restaurant, gym, playroom and everything in between.

Moreover, since the onset of the pandemic, our appreciation for nature has risen immensely. The act of simply going for a walk or sitting in a park has been a monumental source of reprieve. Lightweight and temporary architecture are swiftly being brought to the fore and as a result, home designers and architects are challenged to provide private outdoor spaces for every type of home, even to integrate outdoors into the most compact of homes— Experimenting with roof gardens, micro backyards, porches and balconies.

Some of the recent asks by people have been of having larger windows and using colours that reflect the natural world. People now seek a closer connection between their living spaces and the natural world with folding glass doors or any such innovations that merges these two zones together.

Few western studies also suggest that these demands couldn’t have been unforeseen, as Home Design changes and improvements have long been linked to the pandemics. In fact, it was during the 1918 flu pandemic that homeowners started installing small bathrooms on the main levels of their homes. This way the guests could wash up without traipsing through the entire house. This also led to making powder rooms or main level guest bathrooms a common design practice there.

Exemplifying the importance of living in green spaced cities, Mohamed Elkhateb from Cairo University suggests— As far as health is concerned, green spaces are the “lungs” through which cities breathe. It plays a key role in the beautification of cities including the aesthetic views, such as fountains, ponds, arches, as well as embellishing these surrounding sites to strongly link people with their surroundings. We need a place to calm down, to reassure our feelings and senses, and to rest with nature’s beauty that compensates for the trouble and hardship of our work.

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