Indian Real Estate Industry- 2021

Still the choice of investment

BY Hero Homes 4th June 2021

Since the beginning of 2021, several industries across sectors experienced uncertainty over the future but Real Estate investors, sitting rest assured that their investment will continue to be a safe investment option post-pandemic too.

The disruption that seemed uncontrollable in Q1 is beginning to stabilize for effected businesses and property investors due to the all-time low affordable rates. Experts also say that the Indian Commercial Real Estate sector like top real estate companies in Gurgaon would immensely continue to attract the long-term investors having capital goals.

As the economy recovers through several developmental measures taken by the government, the Real Estate prices in metropolitan areas are also expected to stabilize, improving the growth of demanding areas.

Let’s look at the key factors that holds this truth for the Real Estate sector in 2021:

Budget 2021-2022

The Budget 2021-2022 has provided not much but a little impetus to the Real Estate Sector in the short-term, leaving investments in roads and metros as the only major hope for long-term growth.

Despite the downfall in demand in housing sector, a good news came with the indication of real estate stocks soaring high, resulting in direct tax values being unchanged, supporting people’s spending power.

Urban growth for Homes

Certain cities like Gurgaon, Chandigarh and Mohali have seen better growth in terms of property investments. This is because of the exponential growth they witness and attract. A prime example of this is the rise in demand of 3BHK apartments in Gurgaon. The city is the millennial’s favourite supporting the dreams of several start-up businesses. Companies and people will continue to migrate here for the sheer number of opportunities. Since land is limited in metropolitan cities but the opportunities continue to grow, the demand for real estate will continue to go up in the long-term. All these points make it clear that real estate is a safe investment option, and will continue to be post-COVID-19.

The market for strong players

It is learnt that Corporate developers with strong financial backing and brand equity would continue to gain higher market share as compared to the stressed and weaker players, who might be already divesting their assets either through Development Management agreements or business takeovers. What’s more, this trend would only get more pronounced with the use of technology, eventually providing better customer centricity and confidence.

In conclusion, many can say that the year 2021 shall record new number of home buyers during the pandemic even when recession lingers, and unemployment rates remain high. The desire would be triggered by the requirement of job and financial situations changing due to lockdown and low interest rates.

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