Lockdown Hacks for Homies

Lockdowns may prolong or cease to exist but here are 3 lockdown habits you should not cease to continue

BY Hero Homes 15th June 2021

‘Lockdown’, as sensational as the concept once sounded to our ears, has become a common phenomenon to us now. From the rise of social media influencers to the rapid rise of home-chefs, environmentalists and entrepreneurs, worldwide lockdowns have certainly ignited our hidden passion.

In India, with 2021 came the unpredicted highs and lows of registered COVID-19 cases, along with vaccination. However, we’re not unfamiliar that these erratic conditions have bound many of us to adapt to new enjoyable habits and job cultures while some struggled to adapt to them even temporarily, following it just as a means to pass their time, reconciling with their old habits and schedules every time lockdowns ceased to exist.

Nevertheless, whether lockdowns are continued or lifted, here are 3 healthy habits that one should continue.

  1. Being creative

    Whether it is a new Arabic dish that you experimented with or Picasso’s Monalisa that inspired you to canvas your own imagination, keep your creative juices flowing. Creativity doesn’t just help us explore our hidden talents but also put us into a habit of liberating our thoughts. Keeping ourselves busy with anything but staying idle.

    For instance, replacing chipped kitchen cupboards with self-adhesive vinyl. Baking your own bread, creating a vision board, beginning your journal, cleaning your home yourself, making scented soaps, playing board games with your kids and much more. Keep it going.

  2. Empathizing with others

    Lockdowns may have restricted us from physically reaching out to each other but thanks to the digital era for letting us stay emotionally connected. The rise in use of video conferencing apps has opened us to share experiences and possibilities beyond specific locations and cultures.

    Besides our private network, lockdown also provoked us to be compassionate towards frontline workers who have shown unprecedented ways of supporting and helping the ones staying indoors, by themselves staying outdoors. Habits like supporting small businesses, exchanging books, raising funds for the needy has created a sense of natural empathy and belongingness beyond traditions and communities.

  3. Wellness- Fitness of mind, body & soul

    Looking after oneself should be one’s first priority. Wellness is not just ‘yoga’ or hours of meditation but about taking care of your wellbeing physically & mentally by doing things that make them stressless & anxiety-free. Fitness became a huge part of everyone’s lifestyle during lockdown. From virtual sessions to cycling, jogging to turning homes into gyms, physical fitness became an essential part of their daily activities.

    Continue to make yourself a priority. Find a routine that’s tailor-made for you and keeps you grounded. Try unique relaxation techniques, spend your time in green spaces to improve your mood. Prioritize your sleep by switching off your devices. Manage your news intake by switching it with light-hearted Romcoms.

    Organize your surroundings and your work timings with a strict schedule.

In these trying times, it’s important that we keep ourselves surrounded with positivity and green spaces. If you’ve been looking for such environments as your new residential aboard, explore the world of Hero Homes with world class facilities and top-notch amenities.