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2021 quick DIY home renovation tips

BY Hero Homes 25th August 2021

One can never cease to decorate the house enough. The more you pamper it with antiques, furniture, paintings, and plants, the more it draws your attention to give it just another intimate touch.

Nonetheless, whether you’re planning to sell your home or wishing to renovate it, the entire experience can get extremely expensive especially if you’re pickiest of the picky. Thanks to e-commerce and plenty of free tools, apps and content that help us go custom with our creativity like a professional.

Here are a few DIY Home Renovation Tips that you can keep up your sleeve while decorating your home

  1. Half painted art
    If you’ve always wished to paint but never could, the 2021 home décor is here to turn over a new leaf. Go halves with your paintings through a variety of coordinating paint colors.


  2. Play with the planters
    They are efficient, cost-effective, beautiful, and soothing. What’s not to fill up all the empty spaces around your home with planters of different sizes! Begin by placing the small sized ones around the windows and side tables. Whereas the larger ones by the wooden pedestals, entrances or by the pillars/walls.


  3. Redo your bathrooms
    A moment of solitude is loved by all, and bathroom with a good ambience can accentuate your time alone there ten folds, without costing you a fortune—
    Replacing a shower door with a modern frosted style to hide the basic interior, replacing a basic showerhead with a handheld model offering massage settings, installing some beautiful storage shelves and so much more like simply rolling your towels and placing them in a wooden box rather than hanging them on the steel rods/hooks.


  4. Refresh your kitchen
    If your experiment ground is the kitchen, do yourself a favor and instantly enhance the way your kitchen looks with just a few alterations.
    From hanging up your kitchen utensils to painting or replacing your old kitchen cabinets with the modular ones or glass ones to highlight your glassware and exclusive serving pieces.

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